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The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company (generally known simply as Hotpoint) is a British-American brand of domestic appliances. Ownership of the brand is split between the American company Whirlpool, which has European rights, and Chinese company Haier along with American company KKR, which has North American rights since its purchase of GE Appliances.


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Field Service Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The company don't care mentally or physically for their employees. Management only care for themselves, They force you into being a salesman, selling expensive accessories. They are not concerned that the customers are getting a poor repair service. Repair completion rates are set to high. You will have to get 84% complete, or you have to face a manager phoning you, and give you a verbal beating.(Bullying) Engineers don't care if a customers repair goes wrong, as long as they can get out of door quick enough before the repair fails. Problem here, is that repeat repairs are going sky high, but this does not seem to be any concern to the ASMs. All engineers want to do is give the customer a fantastic repair service with pride. But as an engineer, you are restricted by the small amount of time given to carry out the repairs, the large amount of jobs in the day, traveling and selling. Stress and depression is high in the field.service, due to being shouted at by customers, ASMs and Peterborough. You never get a thank you for going beyond the call of duty. It would be less painful to hit your head against a brick wall every day. I used to look forward to getting up in the morning and going to work. But not any longer, Hotpoint was a great place to work. And still could be if management respect their staff, listen to their worries and problems. But they just don't care. Like most field engineers, I'm applying for another job,"

Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"No support from management, No organisation or benefits environment is dirty no set seating, computers very dated and slow makes it very hard to do your jobfree lunchesshifts"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Expected tow work long hours, the pay isnt great, management isnt great either. It's good as a start out job but not so much as something you would want to stay in long term unless you are wanting to move up, which takes a very very longtime to do.discountsEverything else"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"indesit/hotpiont/whirlpool job was ok until they dcidd that you can deliver washers dryer cookers and fridges all on your own.carrying things up 5 steps.this has got to be against health and safety. managers are also very very poor. stay away guys."

Field Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Being an engineer for a year now I cannot wait to leave this company. Management constantly on your neck pushing you to sell products that you are not even obligated to do. Most of the customers are angry about the company because of their tumble dryer machines and it all comes down to the engineers. In London you spend most of your time finding parking and arguing with the customers if you cannot. Managment pushing you to call customers even in 2 weeks advance to find out what is the problem with their machines so you can order parts. It isnt the 8-5 job. In London you work 10-12 hours every day. You have to take your work home too. Answering emails, ordering stocks etc. Very frustrating place to work.?Long hours, constant frustration"

Field Service Engineer (Current Employee) says

"travelling to west London servincing and repairing customer white goodsnonelong hours"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"the trainer was very rude and very picky. She taught well but she was very picky with certain people. I had one girl i would get along with well in the workplace and they switched mine and her break times so we are not together for absolutely no reason."

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was here for 11 months at first i enjoyed my job towards the end it seemed like half the management didnt really know what they were doing, with that sometimes booking a customer in for an engineer to come out seemed like a task."

Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Company and management do not wish to help with advancement of employees, I started as a laundry engineer and was unable to progress due to area budget constraints. I was kept at a low level of pay when I enquired about advancement I was quickly shown the door.working from homelow level of training, constant target driven enviroment, office staff and call center staff unable to leise with engineers to avoid unesesary calls."

Sales/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Soul-less employers that take the soul out of you. The hardest part of the job is being motivated to go in. The easiest part is leaving at the end of the day.Bonus' and payHeartless company to work for where you con old people."

drivers mate (Former Employee) says

"job was easy enough , but not enough hours for my needs ,being put with agency drivers every day when its not company rule and the language barreirsdifferent every daybeing placed with drivers who do not no the motorways and cannot understand english daily"

Factory Worker (Former Employee) says

"Got out when it was clear that the factory would close and move abroad. Was good to start with but efficiency limits and new competitors made production untenable."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"As a delivery driver, this was an enjoyable job especially as people were always happy to be delivered their brand new washing machine. Involved early starts and heavy lifting"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I would help the customers with apparel and also accessories. It was a good environment to work in the manager was very understanding."

Drivers Mate (Former Employee) says

"I found my time at Hotpoint satisfying. The manner in which I was dealt with was very professional. Everything I needed was provided for me. Which made it very easy to do my job"

Customer service advisor/call centre operative (Current Employee) says

"Good job to have and build up customer service skills, I enjoy working with all of my colleagues and helping customers. There are many benefits including money off holiday and days out, and reduced rate appliancesMoney off holiday and days out.working every weekend"

Picking & Packing (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work for me at hotpoint was literally just all work no fun, no one got on as a team, we had 3 supervisors in the short time I was there. The hardest part of the job was having to complete a 3 man job on my own. the most enjoyable part of this job was being able to work at my own pacefree hot drinksshort breaks"

Call Centre Agent (Former Employee) says

"answer calls from customers you get good days and bad days management are ok but could be improvedlong hours"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Pressurised enviroment but good hours and salary. Able to be given opportunity to learn about workings of appliancesgood work colleaguesnot customer focused"

Indesit Senior Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Start 07:00 at customers home. Approximately 8 calls per day. Good working relationship with most senior management & co-workers. New computer system introduced has major issues The most enjoyable part of my job is dealing with customers and resolving their issues.Enjoyable job and fair salaryNew system not running correctly"

Current Contractor - Customer Service Executive says

"Understaffing hence too much work to handle,no free time, micromanagement, unnecessary pettiness from management,no support from management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No investment in staff unless your face fits its who you know not what you know pokicy"

Former Intern - Internship says

"Very poor approach to worker safety. Poor compensation package to employees resulting in high pilferage among employees and almost non-existent fringe benefits. Nepotism is rife especially among the Asian community."

Current Intern - Intern says

"Long hours in the days"

Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"Minimal support from management, no weekends, long working hours, harassment from time to time."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Some customers raised genuine complaints of faulty machines but Hotpoint used every means to disprove their claims, which made our jobs very difficult."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible place for professionalism especially if you are not asian"

Former Employee - Administrative says

"If you don't sell much they will put you on the service department and you will just get complaint calls."

Former Employee - Help Desk says

"Always busy on phones, call after call"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No career development, In-house politics, racism, poor remuneration"